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ISimTec LLC is dedicated to serving the USA with Oasys products that compliment the LS-DYNA analysis code. ISimTec has over 15 years of knowledge and experience of both LS-DYNA and Oasys Software packages. The Oasys software suite for LS-DYNA comprise of both a model preparation and results interrogation tools. The software allows users to easily prepare the most complex of today’s crash model ensuring analysis input files can be ran without the risk of falling over due to modeling errors. Once analyses are complete the results can be rigorously checked to ensure they are valid. An automated post-processing tool allows users to define templates that can be used to automatic generate reports that can but output in various forms and even posted to company intranet sites.

The Oasys finite element models supplied are validated to the regulatory standards for test barriers and pedestrian impactors and are fully supported by ISimTec. Technical support is provided locally by ISimTec should there be any difficulties in implementing the use of any of the supplied components.

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